"WLTT" A Cooking Adventure in the Amazon - 2022

This is a nine-day retreat is for the adventurous travelers.

Each day will start with a short meditation session and an optional early morning activity like birdwatching from the lodge, a boat ride along the Capahuari river looking for wildlife, a visit to the parrot/macaw claylick or an early hike. Swimming in the river right from the dock is always available, as well as relaxing in the social areas by the river or on the deck. Every evening after dinner you have the option of adding a boat ride looking for cayman, a night hike or a star-gazing from the dock. You will be staying in a rainforest lodge so there is wildlife of all kinds, including spiders, scorpions and snakes. It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter them people with phobias should be aware


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