Vertigo Biking Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia
The most unBOLIVIAble & Safe ride down the World´s Most Dange...

Vertigo Biking Co. is an adventure tourism company established in Bolivia and operates under the HONEY TOURS & TRAVEL license issued by the government of the city of La Paz complying with all the legal requirements of a tour operator. We have been in the Bolivian market for 12 years offering the bicycle tour on the famous ROAD OF DEATH, with excellent approval and recommendation from a large percentage of foreign and national tourists who have accompanied us during all these years, as well as a reference in safety and prevention of possible accidents, we are pioneers in safety, we have the most complete rescue equipment on the market, we use original equipment; it is our company policy to avoid the use of any equipment that does not have international certification, we completely avoid counterfeits, especially in our helmets.



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