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Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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Award-winning food & drink tours in Guelph, Ontario.
Taste Detours food & drink tasting tours offer food adventurers a real taste of place. This region has deep agricultural roots, so food – fresh, good, local food – comes naturally to us. We want to share our love of Wellington County by pointing out the culinary links between our rural heritage and our growers and makers of today. Harnessing the power of storytelling to celebrate the faces behind the flavour is how we connect you to the region, and to each other.



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It was lovely to see these two again an Saturday. They’re so adaptable!

Kim and Andrew at @tommecheeseshop have been great friends of Taste Detours since their day 2, and we’re thrilled that their cheeses will be back in some of our #carefullycuratedpicnics for early summer.

Currently adjusting the logistics of picnic pickups / drop offs to be able to offer more of them weekly this year.

#feedincuriosity #stepbitestep #Guelph

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