Jolly Zee Alpacas

Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada
Come join us for alpaca experiences!
Hi! I’m Julie! The owner of Jolly Zee Alpacas! When I’m not herding alpacas, snuggling goats or bunnies or shovelling alpaca poop (hahaha) I’m a Professional Photographer! I have always had an obsession with alpacas! It started back in kindergarten and grew from there! I asked for an alpaca for my birthday and Christmas many times growing up! 😂 (my poor parents!) Sadly, After losing my daughter five years ago, I started researching alpacas for therapy and what I needed to have to own one (or 11, lol) I would spend hours watching funny videos of alpacas and planning my dream of one day owning alpacas and sharing the joy and love I have for them with others who may be struggling or grieving, etc.