Coraves Birding and Nature Tours

Manizales, Colombia
We make Birdwatching tours in all Colombian areas.

Coraves Birding and Nature Tours is a family of three, made up of Felipe, Mariam and Ferney, all of them nature lovers and devoted bird photographers. Starting in 2014, we decided to follow our dreams and fight to make them come true. Despite all the obstacles, we succeeded in the development of our project and continue to use all the feedback and experience that our marketplace provides, so that we may continue to grow and improve every day. Felipe is currently one of our photographic contributors and, despite his young age, has captured with his lens some of the Colombian birds we display in our social media pages. Mariam is in charge of all reservations and makes sure that every tour goes as planned. Ferney is the team leader out in the field and attends public events and business conferences. Mariam and Ferney are both certified as Professional Guides and Business Manager and have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector.