Cartagena Connections

Cartagena, Colombia
From haircuts in the Caribbean sunshine, to hiring your own p...

It's even more ludicrous that this place exists and everyone doesn't want to visit! If you're one of the sane people who have decided to plan a holiday, short-term stay or long-term stay in Cartagena - good choice! You're going to find lots to love.

Hmm.. but where to start?

The best places to go, the best sights to see, the best food to eat, the best people to know, the best things to do, the best stories to hear; when you travel to a new destination, there's nothing better than knowing a clued-up local, right? Now you know Kristy and the Cartagena Connections team. Your clued-up friends in Cartagena. By using Cartagena Connections you get to skip straight to the good stuff - the local insider knowledge and connections it usually takes ages to accumulate.


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